Random3CP 무작위 3Cushion Billiards is a fantastic new way to play or practice 3 Cushion Billiards at your Club, at home, in a Billiards Hall or all over the World with use of Webcams, Skype, Facetime or what ever service you are using. The only things you need is this multifunctional Random 3CP App and a real physical billiard table! The Random 3CP game uses 13 dots that are drawn on the cloth of the Billiard Table.


Update 1.0.3. – We’ve Heard Your Feedback!

Added new Game Varieties: – Random 13 – Random 9 – PBA style – Score Board Only
Table to Score switch is now manual. Fixed some small bugs for optimal experience. Links to Website, Facebook and instruction

9 middle points/dots v(Break Position PBA  umbers / Acquit)
4 corner points/dots (10,11,12,13) that you can mark with a white pencil and an A4 paper!

Place the A4 sheet underneath the cushion. 

Download A4 paper File

Use the app to generate a (break/start) position (1716 positions in total) where
every ball is given his own number corresponding to the dots on the table.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and  10 11 12 13.

You can generate a new start position every inning, keep track of your score and
see who is the best in this Random 3CP Game!
The ScoreBoard is also usable if you want to play a normal game of 3 cushion.

Game types:
Random 13 – 13 dots game
Random 9 – 9 dots game
PBA Style – PBA Break Shots only

– Training mode (First to .. points, 1 player)
– First to .. Points (20 – 30 or 40 Points)
– Best of .. Sets (7 – 11 or 19)

Playing order:
– Normal
– Alternately

– Player 1 vs Player 2 (You can use a personal Avatar and Name)
– Total score
– High score
– Average / Moyenne

– Easy to us ShotClock of 35 seconds.

This Random3CP App is an excellent training tool when you play alone or teaching someone else.


Points play:
You play the game with 2 players.
You both play with the White ball.

Pick your game variety.
Each inning you generate a new position.
The player who first reaches 20, 30 or 40 wins the game.
If you reached the score, always continue/finish the run


Set play:
You play the game with 2 players.
You both play with the White ball.
Pick your game variety.
Each Set you generate a new position.
A Set is 1 inning. The player with the most points in this inning wins the set.
If you reached the score, always continue/finish the run.

For the next Set you generate a new position until there is a winner!
Best of 7, 11 or 19 Sets!

A Tie in Sets or Points wil give you the special 3CP position 2 – 5 – 8 to decide who is going to win the Game!
You keep on playing this Position util there is a winner.

Bankshots are 2 point, but you can offcourse use your own rules if you like!

After each game you can reset the match and start a new game or do a practice session!